Tara Road by Maeve Binchy
The vector stitching is a juxtaposition of the softness of home-made items, and the harsh qualities of the business world.
The texture of this fabric reflects on the home-made aspects of Tara Road. The triangular shape of the first page takes from the triangles found on the dial phone from the cover.
The rustic texture reflects the feeling of the house called Tara Road (in the book). The lines on the first page are used to mimic the cover. The lines on the hands allude to a minor character in the book. Ria, the main character, visits a palm reader a couple times for fun. Little did she know that the palm reader was right on track in predicting her furture.
After reading, researching, and designing, I have come up with three book jackets, and first pages of the books. Notice the variation in vector images and photography. This project was a blast!
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